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If you're professional, ambitious - and also an established freelance sales agent - then please read on

Established in 2016, we're really proud of how far we've come. We're stocked in fantastic contemporary shops across the UK by owners who love the exceptional quality of our cards and how much our quirky, design-led cards connect with their customers.

We want to continue along this path and see our cards in other great independent shops in the UK and Ireland. We want to work with a few specially selected agents who may already have a relationship with the kind of places we had in mind.

Our Midlands Territory

Our target market

Our clients tend to be contemporary, independent gift shops of all kinds. Some are card shops selling gifts, others are gift shops selling cards. We sell to homeware shops, quirky boutiques, dressmakers, coffee and tea specialists and general stores.

We do incredibly well in towns and cities where people tend to explore for leisure - such as the beautiful sandstone market towns of Rutland and Lincolnshire and the vibrant towns of Warwickshire where independent shops thrive.

Women and men alike buy our cards (but mostly women), typically between the age of 25 and 55. The people who love our cards are the kind of people who look for quality over price. They take pride in picking out gifts for their loved ones and usually have a "card drawer" full of cards they've discovered long before the occasion it is intended for.

We think our cards would be at home in the right chain or department store, but never in low-end or bog-standard establishments. Please don't sell our cards in bargain card stores.

Practically all of our customers have become repeat customers, who are planning to stock us as long as our products remain consistently great.

Why our products are great

We have big plans, including branching out beyond greeting cards, however, just as founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, began his sprawling online empire by selling only books, we are only focusing on greeting cards in the first instance.

Thanks a Bunch - Banana Greeting CardAvocado Greeting CardCheesus Christmas CardGin and Tonic Greeting CardConga Rats Greeting CardCrepe Greeting Card

Our quirky, design-led greeting cards are set apart from others by the following unique selling points.

Outstanding quality

We print on thick, rich, beautifully textured board that others can't compete with. This is why high end gift shops and their customers love our products.

That said, our cards are not overpriced. We can compete on price with cards of lower quality.

We're slightly on-trend, but we're not sheep

We keep a firm finger on the pulse of what our consumers are looking for, and we make cards that people can give to remind loved ones of a shared joke or passion. Our cards are humorous, quirky and often current, but they are set apart from "trendy cards" by their originality, integrity of design and the outstanding quality that the recipient can't help but notice.

Our products are bankable

We want long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with you and your customers. If a design isn't moving at all in your client's shop, we can swap it out for a new design the next time they order. 

"our customers love them, so much that it is quite usual for customers to buy many at a time!!"

 - Anne at In Heaven at Home, Market Harborough

Available territories 

We are looking for talented agents in all areas of the UK and Ireland. Ideally, you've already got a territory, in which case we can negotiate around that, but these are the regions we're looking to recruit for:

  • London
  • South East
  • Home Counties
  • South West (we already have some great clients and prospects for you)
  • East Anglia
  • Wales
  • Midlands (we already have some great clients and prospects for you)
  • North East
  • North West
  • Scotland
  • Ireland

ALL THE BEST Greeting Cards being sold exclusively sold at Emma Cutmore in Stamford, Lincolnshire

What's in it for you?

We want to work with the best, so we'll make sure you're properly motivated with a competitive commission based on a percentage of your sales, plus bonuses for hitting pre-agreed targets. We've got our own ideas of reward structure, but are happy to discuss how you see things working for you.

This is an opportunity for freelance sales agents on a commission only basis. You will not be employed by ALL THE BEST.

We can give you the following:

  • Exclusivity for your territory
  • Monthly commission paid on time
  • Commission on sales in your territory even when your customers buy direct
  • A beautiful, easy-to-carry portfolio of finished samples to present to your clients
  • A nifty app to easily take orders on your mobile
  • Regular release of fresh designs and ranges, so you'll always have new and exciting offerings for your customers
  • Opportunities to grow your client-base. We're exhibiting at trade shows and getting our name out there in the trade magazines
  • Regular calls and meetings to ensure our relationship is working well
  • The ability to provide feedback on what is working well and what could be improved. We'll share our work-in-progress ranges with you too
Our cards on display

Request a Sample

You just need to hold one of our cards to experience the extra care that has gone into producing them.

Why not get a sample for yourself and your clients? We're sure you'll love them.


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Let's talk

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