Stands and Spinners to Display Greeting Cards

A quick guide to the best option for your business

ALL THE BEST CARDS on display using a 5" x 7" pocket floor carousel

Counter Displays

A small counter display of greeting cards is the perfect way to engage your customers as they carry out their transaction and offer some light entertainment if they are queuing.

Whether you are a gift shop, cafe, a jewellers or even a service-based business, greeting cards are a great to offer your customers one last item to add to their order. 

Small counter display stand for greeting cards

We recommend a small counter stand with tiers high enough that the back cards are not obscured by the ones in front. This a great counter stand from Display Stands UK and holds up to 12 of our cards. 

Price: £18 plus shipping

Counter Spinners

Brilliant for maximising space. The fact that cards are nicely displayed on every side makes them perfect for placing in windows and on top of aisle shelves.

Place them next to where your customers queue to keep them from getting bored and to encourage that one extra purchase.

When it comes to spinners, the pocket size is extremely important!

You must get the size just right, as too small means you have a useless stand and too big means your cards cannot sit properly. We've seen some shops try to "fix" the issue with string, elastic bands or some other hack - frankly it looks rubbish!

Our cards fit stands with pockets sized 5" x 7" portrait (127mm x 177mm).

We recommend this stainless steel spinner from Display Stands UK (product code K-92), which has a sign holder at the top to display price information.

5 inch by 7 inch greeting card spinner

Price: £33 plus shipping

Floor Spinners

Excellent for displaying cards as a main feature and a smart way to instantly add an attractive point of focus anywhere.

Again, you must be careful to order stands with the correct pocket size. 

We recommend the K50, KD51 or KD52 from Display Stands UK. These come with wheels for easy moving and a header clip on top to display prince information.

5 inch by 7 inch floor spinner for greeting cards

Price: From £81 plus shipping


We Can Supply Stands For Your Cards

If you would like to buy the perfect display stand to proudly boast your collection of ALL THE BEST cards, we would be only too happy to help. Simply get in touch us at or contact your sales agent.